You Are Welcome Here!

Whitehorse Biker Church held its first service on July  17th and what an awesome ride it’s been!  In just a few short months we have seen so many amazing acts of God’s grace and glory and are blessed to be actively engaged in the revival of our shared community!

All are welcome to join us at 408 East Main Street (Van Wert, YWCA) for Sunday Service at 10:00 a.m. for fun, fellowship and, most importantly, for the opportunity to glorify our Lord and share in the study of His Word with some of the best folks you’ll ever meet!

At Whitehorse we believe in ministering to people right where they are, in their “situation of life”. Regardless of where we find them, we receive them as they are, love them unconditionally, and “sow seeds” of love, grace and the mercy of God, which produces life changing, radical transformations.

So jump on your bike, climb into your truck or hop in the car and come see what everyone is talking about. We’re not promising you a suit and tie experience, but we can promise that the Lord is moving in Whitehorse Biker Church and you will always be welcome in our Father’s House!

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